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Social Practice Tips

The biggest part of your practice time will be on the social dance floor. That's where you will put things to the test. But there are also different strategies to maximize your social salsa practice.

Come Prepared

Before you go out dancing, make a plan for what you want to work on. Pick 1 or 2 things you want to practice that evening. Be specific, don't just say "I'm gonna work on my spins", but rather "I'm going to carefully prep every double spin, making sure I'm settling into my axis before I turn".

Warm Up

At the beginning of an evening your body and mind have to adjust to dancing. Social salsa dancing does not require a traditional dance warm-up, but it's a good idea to go easy the first couple of dances. It is normal if you're not properly grounded in the beginning or your spins are a bit wobbly. Just focus on connecting with the floor, your partner and your breath.

Schedule Practice Dances

Take a few dances each night dedicated to your goals for the evening. Dance with people who you know and are comfortable with, with whom you know dancing will be easy. You can also ask them if it's ok that you practice a new move with them, or ask for multiple spins so you can practice them.

Dance With New People

Delibaratly dance with people you don't know, especially if you're working on your leading or following skills. Observe what works and what doesn't, is it due to mistakes you often make, or did new things come up?  

When Things Go Wrong...

Mistakes are bound to happen in the course of an evening, the less experienced you are the more you'll make. Mistakes are normal and are essential in your learning progress - if you know how to use them. Do not beat yourself up when things don't work, do not blame yourself or your partner, just notice what went wrong and try to correct it the next time. If you can't correct it on the dance floor, add the topic to your goals for the next week or month.

Write It Down

When you're finished for the night, write down what happened in your dance journal - what worked, what didn't, feedback you got, things that came up or "aha-moments". Integrate the information into your further training schedule.


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