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Slow Salsa Songs

Salsa Music For Beginners And Practice

Most salsa music is too fast for beginners or if you want to practice seriously. Here is a list of slow salsa songs you can use both for practicing or teaching beginners.

Slow Salsa Songs Playlist:

"Acid" - Ray Baretto
"Soy Callejero" - Los Mocosos
"Yamulemau" - Joe Arroyo
"Son Cuero Y Boogaloo" - Fania All Stars
"Chin Chon Chow" - Louie Ramirez
"No Viviré" - George Lamond
"No La He Vuelto A Ver" - Gilberto Santa Rosa
"El Pito" - Joe Cuba Sextet
"Las Tumbas" - Ismael Rivera
"Camino Al Barrio" -Willie Colon
"Sonero"- El Conde Rodriguez
"Apartamento 21" - Willie Colon
"La Orquesta" - Ray Baretto
"No me Acostumbro" - Rey Ruiz
"Y Ahora Dondé Estarás" - George Lamond
"Stronger" - Alex Wilson
"Think Drink" - New Swing Sextet
"Valerie" - Alex Wilson
"El Robo" La 33
"El Cantar de los Pinales" - El Conde Rodriguez (careful: lots of signature changes (changes between the 1 & 5) - good for practicing finding the 1!)

You can find most of these songs on our Youtube Playlist!

Cha Cha Music

If you need even slower songs to practice to you can always find yourself a cha cha. If you dance On1 and have some experience, you will have to ignore the fact that Cha Cha is danced On2, which can be a little difficult, but apart from that Cha Cha music works very well, especially for beginners.


Slow Salsa Music

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