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Leading Tip:

Want to know one of the biggest and most common mistake beginning (and more advanced) leads make? Check out:

"The Biggest Mistake A Learning Lead Can Make"

Practice Tip:

Want to practice at home but all you got are carpet floors? Try this and create your own practice floor on a budget!

Miscellaneous Tip:

There's no better and quicker way to learn and improve your dancing than with private lessons. But privates can be expensive and a lot of students are reluctant to pay the high prices, especially if they don't understand the reason why privates cost so much more than group classes. Here's a dance teacher explaining the math:

Why Do Private Lessons Cost SO Much?

Leading Tip:

Guys, if you're interested in ideas on how to dance & lead fast songs, take a look here:

Fast Songs from The Unlikely Salsero

Social Dancing Tip:

Dance etiquette is supposed to help make our social interactions on the dance floor easier - but having danced a while we all know there are potential problems...

Dance Etiquette And Other Nonsense

Musicality Tip: 

This video vividly explains the differences between "doing turn patterns" and "dancing with the music", an inspiration for everyone who wants to touch on the true essence of salsa dancing. 


Social Dancing Tip:

Ever thought things like: “He always turns me down. He’s an elitist.” or “She won’t dance with anyone but her friends. What a bitch.”?
Then read this article by
 lindy hop blogger Rebecca Brightly about

Practice Tip:

Want to know what a salsa dancer can learn from a chess player?
Check out this article about Memory in Dance and how you can learn routines faster...


Fun Stuff:

Need a good salsa laugh? Visit!


Dance Technique Tip:

Good posture is essential for moving gracefully. Try this exercise for alignment and awareness to improve your dance posture!


Leading & Follwing Tip:

Think that leading is more difficult/important than following? Think again! This excellent article is written by a lindy hopper, but it applies just as much to salsa dancing or any other partner dance...

Musicality Tip:
If you want to practice finding and staying on the "1", this song is great! It has several time signature changes, meaning the 1.& 5. beat of the music will switch repeatedly. Watch out for the little breaks signaling that a change is coming up! 


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