Salsa Dance Resources

Recomended Websites & Salsa Blogs:

The Unlikely Salsero
Probably the best salsa blog around, with special focus on salsa musicality. Also visit Don's Youtube Channel Music4Dancers

Salsa New York
"The" authority site for NY Style O2, appears to be not updated anymore (except for the calendar), with a lot of broken links, but there's still a wealth of information to be found there.

Salsa Forums
If you want to discuss salsa, that's your place! The largest salsa forum/comunity around, with lots of helpful threads and in depth discussions. Careful, highly addictive!

Salsa & Merengue Society
Great articles & tutorials. The site is a little difficult to navigate, so I recommend to start with the Site Map.

Joy In Motion
Very intersting blog about partner dancing, exploring the connection between movement and spirit. You can find an overview of all the articles here.

Salsa Vancouver Interviews
Lots of interesting interviews with famous salsa dancers!

Toan Hong from TNTDance has a collection of interesting articles providing food for thought.

Planning your next salsa congress? Here you can find a list of most festivals worldwide!

Dance World Takeover
Not salsa but a excellent lindy hop blog with lots of articles about how to become a better dancer and the social aspects of dancing which apply just as much to salsa dancers.

Salsa Memes
If you need a good laugh visit this site for funny salsa memes :)

Lead & Follow FAQ
An absolutely phenomenal resource about the art of leading & following. Though aimed at ballroom and swing dancers, the basic principles are largely the same - a (few hours) must-read for everybody who wants to improve their partnering skills.

ToSalsa has an extensive articles base, go check it out!


Interesting Salsa Articles:

Some articles are not salsa specific but are written by dancers and teachers of other styles like swing, tango or ballet. They are however right on point to illustrate an idea or concept that is applicable and useful for salsa dancing as well.

The Beginners Guide To Salsa
An excellent guide for everyone just starting out!

SalsaNewYork Articles
An excellent compilation of salsa articles, mainly about NY Style On2, but also lots of style-independent stuff. Unfortunately a lot of the links are broken, but there's still enough for a few hours of interesting reads...

Overcoming Fear Of Social Dancing
A must-read for everyone new to and intimidated by the social salsa scene and recommended reading for people who resent the "cliquish" ways of good dancers.

Followers First
An excellent article about the fact that leading technique often is emphasized over following technique and why that is a big mistake...

Where's The Beat?
Food for thought about the "myth of the beat" and finding the "1"


Recommended Stuff
 & Must-Haves For Salseros:

Don Baarns Book: Partner Dance Success
The Book of The Unlikely Salsero will help you have fun in less time, and puts together years of accumulated experience and lessons learned from the real world.


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