Are You Bored With The Basics...?

Once a salsa dancer has learned the basic steps, he usually wants to move on, thinking he now knows the basics, and is ready for more advanced patterns.

Especially intermediate students are quickly bored with the basics - now why is that? Let me tell you that if you would be really "dancing", there's no way you'd be bored doing your salsa basics or other "simple stuff". If you truly enjoy the movements of your body, the connection with your partner and the music, why would you be bored??

Being bored with the basics means that you are not connected in the present moment, not doing what you came on the dance floor to do.
All you think is "I already know this". Do you? Because if you really did, you wouldn't be bored, you would be totally and utterly amazed with the movement and the music.

The basic step is your foundation, on which everything else is based. If you can't do a basic step right, there is no way you will be able to execute more complicated stuff, at least not gracefully. And doing a basic step right does not mean you know where to step on the different beats...

You will never become a good salsa dancer if you ignore your basics and just work on patterns or styling. Same thing goes for your cross body lead and your right and left turns. Every other turn and variation is building upon these basic moves. The biggest mistake a salsa dancer can make is to dismiss the basics in favor of the more "cool stuff".


Tips To Improve Your Basic Salsa Step

 Connect With Your Body

Feel the gradual transfer of your body weight with each step, roll through your feet and connect your body to the floor. Create a flow in your forward and backward movement without any bounce or stops. Feel the movement travel up from the floor through your feet, knees, hips, torso, shoulders and out into the arms and head. Let your breath find its own rhythm and focus your mind calmly in the present moment.

Connect With Your Partner

Really lead and follow the basic step! Don't just step on your own, but move in sync with your partner. Try to feel where your partner is, and how s/he is doing. Work together as smoothly as possible. Also make sure you have your cuban motion down, since it will affect your partners movements.

Connect With The Music

The basic step is an excellent way to train your musicality. Listen to the music, emphasize the mood and feel of the song, adjust your way of moving to reflect instruments, accents or dynamic changes in the music. You don't need fancy styling to dance musical, you should be perfectly able to do this in a simple basic step.


And now, here's probably the best advice you'll get on how to become a better salsa dancer: dance the basics, cross body lead and single right/left turns ONLY - until you are not bored anymore, but are completely connected with your body, your partner and the music.


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