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There is more to salsa dancing than steps and turn patterns, yet this is often the only thing that ist taught in most salsa classes. This site is meant as a complementary resource to your salsa lessons, giving you background information, tips and tools to help you improve your salsa dancing.


  • Do you want to improve your overall salsa dancing skills? 
  • Are things not working on the dance floor? 
  • Are you struggling with balance and spins? 
  • Are you lacking connection with the music or your partner? 
  • Do you feel stuck in your learning progress? 
  • Want to know what really makes a good salsa dancer? 


Then read on...


Learning salsa steps is easy. They are just ways to get you from A to B on the dance floor - it's HOW you move that makes all the difference...

In order to be confident and graceful in your movements, to smoothly move as one with your partner and to truly connect with the music you'll need to have solid dance technique and body control, sensitive partner connection and a clear musical understanding.

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